About Us

About Us

Geotech Solutions International (GSI) is an engineering consulting firm with office in Kalika Marg, Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal. GSI provides consulting services in major key areas of engineering and social science. GSI Team has a wealth of experience in the field of project planning, transportation, hydropower, water supply and sanitation, rural and urban infrastructure development, water resources development, social and environmental planning.

The firm began its life in 2015 January and serves a variety of clients over the spectrum of development, retail, industry, manufacturing, and government service. We have successfully completed few projects for private, public, legal, and regulatory interests. The GSI’s project management approach contributes to project success through integrated, modern and flexible methods, to deliver results in the most timely, efficient and cost effective manner. Based on the needs of the project, GSI refines its approach to meet the Client’s requirements. GSI’s resources – which include top-notch professionals backed by significant continuing education and experience, coupled with our in-house drilling and a high quality soil and rock testing laboratory – give us the ability to successfully undertake a wide range of projects from the planning stages through construction, from research to project oversight. GSI’s experience gives us a special ability to focus on clients’ needs while supplying quality services.

Our staffs include professional engineers, geologists, drillers, social scientists, engineering technicians, support staffs and administrative personnel. It has good office facilities, geotechnical surveying equipments, drilling equipments, vehicles and a library of reference materials, especially peer reviewed scientific journal papers and reports. Each GSI staff member is committed to providing our clientele with the utmost in quality, professional, cost effective services. Quality Assurance and Quality Control plans are part of the corporate quality policy of GSI and are implemented by its units on all projects and programs.

Every GSI project team includes at least one of manager level staffs, and every project plan is characterized by a cost-effective, common sense approach to engineering. At GSI, we take our professional obligations very seriously. The services we provide can be vital to our clients’ fiscal health and to the physical well-being of the public. Our clients rely upon us to do the very best job, every time – and we do.  The interests and objectives of GSI’s clients are always given foremost priority. This is the backbone of GSI’s policy, which is ensured by constant reviews of project, objectives, and feed back to the clients. GSI provides the ideal combination of technical expertise and professional integrity. Please contact us for more information about the company, the people, our services, or to get a copy of our work experiences.


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Our Background

Despite consistent development effort for several decades, the country’s economic performances have not significantly improved resulting in increase in the level of poverty. This has been mainly due to the failure both at policy and implementation level to create an environment, which could have catered an effective coalition of physical and infrastructural development with the corresponding human and institutional support from the grassroots to the higher level. A failure to address properly these issues has further hindered in formulating appropriate development strategies suited to the country’s diverse geo-climatic and socio-economic realities. A mistaken notion toward these realities has impeded the country’s economic growth. This has resulted in limited external and internal resources mobilization, which has not addressed the emerging needs to the desired level.

Recent experiences from developing countries indicate that a broad based, participatory, and sustainable development approach is needed for implementing development effort that ensures optimal mobilization of available resources with higher efficiency resulting in wider human welfare development. In the country’s existing situation, this could only be brought through integrated and consolidated approach with the development of physical facilities and with corresponding linkage of socio-economic and institutional factors. The current scenario reveals that existing organizations and institutions delivering services have to be strengthened so as to ensure that the issues are properly addressed for bridging the gap. 

Considering this to be a serious gap and services provided in this area is inadequate, Geotech Solutions International (GSI) has been established to face this emerging challenges and to address these issues with the delivery of high quality consulting services in the development, management, operation and maintenance of infrastructures required for overall development of the country through judicious combination of “Hardware” and  “Software” components.

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