Geotech Solutions International believe in creating and applying new technologies into effect. With the guidance of experts like Dr. Ranjan K. Dahal and Dr. Manita Timilsina, we are working on projects related to rockfall protection system, rock slope stability analysis and landslide inventory mapping. Other works in the field of medium to low-cost slope protection techniques useful for developing countries are also available through GSI. Some of the innovative techniques are discussed below.

 Structure from motion:

This new technique is a Photogrammetric model useful for 3D visualization of geo-objects and rock slopes. Dr. Ranjan K. Dahal and Miss Durga Khatiwada are leading our team to make this research success. Photogrammetric model is prepared by taking pictures of a location from different angles overlapping each picture that helps in making high density point cloud. 

Roadside slope stabilization:

In a country like Nepal, road construction is a huge challenge because of the rugged topography of the young Himalayan mountains. Huge excavations are needed to construct roads. Huge excavations always comes a bigger challenge in terms of stability.  Slope protection should be considered as prime action in all roads. The increasing demand of roads with the increase in the number of vehicles, has led us engineers to design the roads and protect them in an efficient manner. New and old cost effective technologies are in practice in the slope protection work. GSI have been practicing following methods to stabilize road side slope of mountainous terrain. 

a)       High Performance Rock Fall Protection System: GSI has started solutions for rock fall protection first time in Nepal. We provide total solution for rockfall protection in Nepal in collaboration with Trumer Schutbauten.

b)    Cutting edge technology of Soil Nailing uses grouted, tension-resisting steel elements (nails) installed to reinforce the soil. There are varieties of option in this technique to make it cost effective. Also, it depends on the type of geology, climate and inclination of the slope. GSI can provide best solutions for soil nailing.

Landslide Inventory Mapping:

Landslide inventory mapping of whole Nepal is under preparation in GSI. This is a research projects of Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal and GSI is supporting technically.