Engineering Team

GSI has been successful because of our quality, dedicated professional staffs. GSI has well trained and academically cream engineering team. They are dedicated to work 24 hours per day! Their professional inputs will be highly beneficial to our clients. Below are details about GSI’s Engineering Team.

Er. Sunil Poudyal, Deputy Manager, Structural Engineer

Er. Poudyal is highly dynamic and motivated structural engineer in GSI. He looks after all structural solutions demanded by the client. He has sound knowledge of computer applications for structural solutions of buildings and foundations.

At present, Er. Sunil Poudel is in the Hongkong University of Technology for his Phd Research in unsaturated soil and vegetative system.

Er. Ansal Dhakal, Deputy Manager, Civil Engineer

Er. Dhakal is our field engineer and he looks after all our construction supervision works of buildings and other structures.





Er. Darshan Babu Adhikari, Geotechnical Engineer/Site Engineer

Geotech graduate Er. Adhikari is our site engineer and he supervises all our field installation works of rockfall protection system.

Er. Adhikari is on temporary leave from GSI.



Er. Sudhan Regmi, Civil Engineer,

Er. Regmi is our civil engineer and he is responsible for to assist structural as well as geotechnical engineering projects. He has sound knowledge of modeling, quantity estimation and design.



Er. Nitin Gautam, Civil Engineer

Er. Gautam is our Civil Engineer and he assists our engineering team in both geotechnical and structural engineering projects. His versatile nature has helped the company in information management, micro-tremor survey and analysis, as well as in other field surveys.



Ms. Durga Khatiwada, Engineering Geologist

Ms. Khatiwada is our engineering geologist and she supports the engineering geological and geotechnical investigation. She has a sound knowledge in the preparation of geological maps, engineering geological maps and soil investigation of the projects that GSI carries out.


Mr. Om Dhakal, Asst. Geologist

Mr. Dhakal is our field geologist and he supports our geological core drilling works. His dedication in fieldwork to solve geological as well as geotechnical issues has helped the company in geological study and field survey.

Ms. Sandhya Regmi, GIS analyst