Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

Watershed Management Master Plan for Andheri Khola Landslide (Phewa Lake, Pokhara)


  • Landslide management work
  • Topographic survey
  • Bioengineering of Landslide scarp and Gullies
  • Geological mapping of the landslide area
  • Water management in natural gullies
  • Structural control measures for debris flow of multiple locations to reduce silt load of Andheri Khola from reaching Phewa Lake
  • Expected date of completion- June 25, 2018


Geotechnical drilling at Sundhara for Dharahara, Kathmandu

GSI will perform the geotechnical drilling work at Sundhara up-to 65m depth and undisturbed core sample extraction for the purpose of reconstruction of Dharahara.

Expected date of completion – May 25, 2018


Drone Mapping, 3D Modelling and DGPS Survey at Betan Karnali PROR Hydroelectric Project (688MW), Surkhet, Kalikot, Nepal

GSI carried out drone survey work at the headworks and river section of Betan, Karnali  Hydroelectric project. The work mainly covers the 3D Modelling of the area, prepare digital elevation model, the orthorectified imagery of the area, establish control point using differential GPS.

Expected date of completion- May 25, 2018


Feasibility study of Upper BudhiGandaki Hydroelectric Project, Gorkha (200MW)

– Topographical survey and mapping

– Collect the long-term historical rainfall, hydrological data

– Establishment of gauging station and carry out the discharge measurements

– Prepare a geological map of the measure structure area

– Geophysical investigation at a dam, spillway, river diversion, stilling basin, cofferdam, intake portal, search tank and tailrace site

– Conduct construction material survey

– Carry out the seismological study

– Carry out geotechnical investigation/ drilling works

Expected date of completion- Jan 2018- Jan 2020