Geotechnical Laboratory

GSI has recently established a fully furnished geotechnical laboratory in order to provide quality service in the field of Geotechnical investigation and material testing including core drilling with extraction of core samples and undisturbed soil samples. 

We provide Laboratory services for following:

  • Direct Shear Test
  • Unconfined Compression Test
  • Triaxial Test
  • Atterberg limit Test
    • Plastic limit
    • Liquid limit
    • Shrinkage limit
  • Soil grain property Test using Sieve Analysis or Hydrometer (Particle Size Distribution PSD Test)
  • Permeability Test
    • Equal head permeability test
    • Falling head permeability test
  • Moisture Content Test
  • Specific Gravity Test using Pycnometer
  • Shrink and Swell Test
  • Proctor Compaction and CBR Test
  • Consolidation Test
Triaxial Test Apparatus
Point Load Test Apparatus
Los Angeles Abrasion Test Machine
Consolidation Test Apparatus
Rock cutter machine
Direct shear test machine